Coach’s Choice

Friday, November 15, 5:45–6:15pm
1 Session : $8

This event has ended.


Friday, November 15, 5:45–6:15pm


Community Rink


This class is a "hodge-podge" of various skating topics. Each week its held, the coach will randomly choose the theme for the class.

Possible class themes include:

"Skull Class"- We will work to get into the skaters "inner wiring" (brain) regarding the sport. Pressures of competition and testing are tremendous and we can help create pathways or maps to help them deal with competitive, recreational and practice pressures.

IJS- The International Judging System is changing every year. This class will go over the newest rule changes, work with the skaters to maximize point values and minimize errors to achieve their personal best scores.

History and Goals- We will discuss the history of skating and how it has changed over the years. We will watch video of amazing performances from the past. Goal setting is an important aspect of this sport and we will discuss how they can achieve their own personal goals.