Hockey Basics

The Hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. Through four levels, skaters learn to maneuver faster and be more agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques are the primary focus. Skaters will learn the necessary fundamentals to be successful in game situations. Each skater should be able to do forward crossovers, skate backwards, and stop.

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The Hockey Basics Program
spans the following 4 levels:

Hockey 1

1. Falling and Recovery
2. Proper Forward and Backward Stance
3. March Forward across the ice, 8-10 steps
4. March Forward with 2 foot glides and dips
5. Stationary Snowplow Stop
6. Rocking Horse
7. Forward swizzles (2 to 4 in a row)
8. Front to Back and Back to Front turns (Stationary)
9. T-Push R,then glide on two feet on line, T-Push Left, then glide on two feet on line
10. Backward March or Wiggle

Hockey 2

1. Forward swizzles (4 to 6 in a row)- Driving Power from heels using a wider stance
2. Alternating Forward C-Cuts on a Straight Line
3. T-Push, glide on right foot, hold 2-4 seconds on a straight line, Repeat with left foot
4. Scooting or Skateboard push, on circle (R&L)
5. Gliding two foot turn on line- Forward to Backward. Backward to forward
6. Backwards March then glide on two feet
7. Backward Swizzles (2 to 4 in a row)
8. Backward snowplow stop
9. Alternating Backward C-Cuts in a straight line
10. Two foot moving Snowplow Stop

Hockey 3

1. One foot snowplow stop- Introduce hips with 1/4 turn twist to hockey stop
2. Full strides using 45 degree V-Push with good recovery using alternating arm drive
3. Shuffle stride- explosive powerful alternating heel pushes
4. Backwards hustle (quick skating with arms driving)
5. Backward C-Cuts or power pushes on circle/backward outside edge glide on a circle
6. Forward C-Cuts on circle small/C-push glide on small circle
7. Forward outside/inside edges on half circles/alternating inside edges down the line
8. Gliding 2 foot turn on circle facing upper body out and inside of circle
9. Lateral Crossover March

Hockey 4

1. Shuffle Stride vary tempo and edge quality/quick shallow edge pumps & slow deep edge pumps
2. Forward Crossovers on circle R&L
3. Forward Alternating Crossovers down the length of the ice with wide step transitions
4. Forward Power-turns 180 degrees & 360 turns will need C-cuts for 360 degrees
5. Hockey Stops
6. Quick Starts with V starts off the ball of the foot
7. Backwards Hustle with quick V-stops and alternating R&L Backward stops
8. Backward crossovers on circle R&L
9. Backward alternating crossovers down ice with wide step transitions
10. Forward to Backward Pivot Turn/Backward to Forward Pivot turn (Mohawk)
- We recommend that skaters pass Basic 4 in our Learn to Skate program before joining Hockey Basics.
- Full hockey gear is recommended.
- Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS will be granted after the semester begins. Refund requests made at least 5 days prior to the start of the semester will be granted, minus a $10 administration fee. To avoid the $10 fee, you may apply credit toward another RSA class.
- Class Attendance and Make-up Classes: All classes must be attended during the enrolled Semester. 2 make-up classes will be allowed each semester, and must be made up within the skaters current enrolled semester.
- Discount Promo-Codes: Promo-Codes and discounts will not be granted after registration. Only one promo code is allowed per family, per semester. Promo-Codes may not be combined.
- Military Discount: RSA is happy to offer a special discount to those who are currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or are the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card. Or: Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC). Please contact the RSA office for details.
- Photo Release: Registration grants RSA rights to utilize skaters likeness for use on our website and various social media outlets.
- Class Times: Class times are subject to change. Due to Ralston Arena events, RSA will occasionally have to schedule semesters which skip a week. Prior to registration, please check the RSA Calendar, flyers, or the individual RSA class registration page for confirmed semester dates.