Freestyle Sessions

RSA offers an extensive calendar of Freestyle Sessions for the experienced skater. A consistent weekly schedule of open sessions is supplemented with guided sessions led by RSA Staff which focus on various aspects of competitive training.

Breathing Gym

A car needs gas to make it move just like instruments need air to make sound. The higher the quality of gas, the better the car performs. The same thing is true with air.
Breathing Gym is designed to give control and efficiency of breath by developing proper breathing habits.
The exercises learned will help to strengthen lung stamina, increase the oxygen flow to the blood, and help skaters overall skating performance stamina.

Join Arlo Baratono, for this unique opportunity, as he leads skaters though a series of difficult training exercises, that will undoubtedly improve their on ice performances.

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Freestyle Session

Freestyle Sessions are open to all current U.S. Figure Skating Members. RSA permits independent coaches to accompany their students on the ice at no additional cost. There is a limit to the number of skaters per Freestyle Session, so check the most current RSA schedule for availability.

Skaters are welcome to "walk-on" RSA freestyle sessions for a $10 fee.
We accept cash or check only.
Please make checks payable to: Ralston Skating Academy.

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Power and Energy

Power and Energy sessions help skaters learn to optimize their use of kinetic energy—maximizing speed and minimizing effort—to meet the highly athletic demands and perform the more challenging elements of today’s competitive skating maneuvers.

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This class utilizes plyometric exercises developed to tap into the skaters muscle quickness needed to accomplish the more difficult demands of todays jumps. These exercises will create more strength and endurance in the muscles to accomplish the jumps at the end of the skaters programs.

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Creative Fusion

Creative Fusion is an innovative class that offers the opportunity to explore different types of movement and increase performance level. By combining divergent thinking with acting and dance techniques ranging from Classical Ballet to Modern, skaters will learn to tap into their emotions and creativity.
Class structure will vary weekly to provide every opportunity to explore all facets of performance theory, choreographic elements, and personal development. (Notebooks are required for this class.)

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Ballet Class

Ballet is one of the most beneficial assets a figure skater can possess. Skaters frequently utilize several ballet positions in their daily on-ice practice. Regular ballet practice will enhance a skaters on-ice technique, improve strength, flexibility, balance, line, and and musicality.

RSA is pleased offer regular ballet classes with Kelsey Schwenker.
Kelsey received her B.F.A. in ballet performance, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma. She is a company dancer with Ballet Nebraska, and has been performing with the group since its start in 2010. Kelsey currently teaches dancers of all ages around the Omaha area.

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Core Crush

This 45 minute, off ice training session, focuses on the skaters core strength. Athletes will be given a series of exercises to increase mobility, flexibility, and strength, while minimizing injury.
This class is beneficial to all skaters of all levels.

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This class focuses on developing flexibility to enhance skating skills, performance ability, and reduce the risk of skating related injury.
Skaters will learn appropriate warm-up and cool-down exercises, as well as increasing strength and flexibility for the more difficult positions necessary in today's skating structure.

Suggested items to bring:
Yoga mat
Foam roller

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Edge Extreme

Edge Extreme is a class designed to give skaters a better understanding of the turns, steps, and edges the current judging system (IJS) requires for the "program component" score.
Skaters will learn to incorporate these turns and steps with continuous flowing movement across the ice.
This class is not only essential for competitive skaters wishing to improve the difficulty of their programs and increase their scores, recreational and adult skaters will improve their flow and discover new techniques to add to their personal skating experience!

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Rotation Revolution

Rotation Revolution is a class designed to increase the capacity to rotate in jumps and spins. Skaters will benefit from learning proper body alignment to increase the speed of spins, and maximize the balance and control required for higher level jumps.

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Coach’s Choice

This class is a "hodge-podge" of various skating topics. Each week its held, the coach will randomly choose the theme for the class.

Possible class themes include:

"Skull Class"- We will work to get into the skaters "inner wiring" (brain) regarding the sport. Pressures of competition and testing are tremendous and we can help create pathways or maps to help them deal with competitive, recreational and practice pressures.

IJS- The International Judging System is changing every year. This class will go over the newest rule changes, work with the skaters to maximize point values and minimize errors to achieve their personal best scores.

History and Goals- We will discuss the history of skating and how it has changed over the years. We will watch video of amazing performances from the past. Goal setting is an important aspect of this sport and we will discuss how they can achieve their own personal goals.

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